ELASTIC INTERFACE®  is the brand that gives its name to a wide range of hi-tech cycling pads, born towards the end of the nineties, laying the foundation for the CyTech company, created in 2000. Their vision is to imagine a totally elastic cycling chamois as the cyclist-bicycle interface. They patented this technology and developed it over the years and, as it had already been in 1989 when we presented their first thermo-formed anatomic pad with multi thicknesses and gel, the launch of the Elastic Interface ®  Technology was a success and instantly set a worldwide standard. 

From their vision came our mission which is "to better the performance of all cyclists, men and women, by engineering and creating high quality cycling pads that improve comfort on all points of interface with the bicycle". For this reason Ealatic Interface's High-Tech cycling pads are studied in co-operation with the Department of Human Anatomy and Physiology of the University of Padua, Italy, with the final goal to obtain the maximum performance while keeping a close eye on protection and the athlete's health. This is also why all major worldwide cycling apparel brands choose ELASTIC INTERFACE ® cycling pads. This is why Zerofive Custom Sportswear chooses Elastic Interface Technology cycling pads.

Brands that choose EIT include: Assos, Addidas, Cannodale, Rapha, Giant, Capo and Scott along with many more.
What the video below to see how our choice in chamois are made.