gloryfy technology

Lens Technology: 100% optical quality

All gloryfy lenses have prismatic correction. Prismatic correction is necessary because of the distortion created by the curvature of the lens. gloryfy lenses have the highest quality rating, because their prismatic correction is fine-tuned to the high-end material gloryfy I-Flex - featuring 100% UVA/UVB protection up to 400 nm.

gloryfy G-Flex + I-Flex: 100% optical quality

unbreakable – gloryfy I-Flex and G-Flex are the materials of choice for the unbreakable sunglasses and goggles. gloryfy I-Flex and G-Flex allow the realization of innovative design concepts that would be impossible with conventional lens material. No other material guarantees all industrial standards, such as 100% UVA and UVB protection and 100% optical quality, while offering complete elasticity and unbreakability! Engineers in a wide range of disciplines were instrumental in the development of gloryfy. Collaboration between engineers, designers and people who love extreme sports led to a completely new concept for goggles and glasses made from high-end elastic components!

gloryfy modular system

A click mechanism enables the side-pieces and frames to be put together and taken apart again very quickly and simply. The side-piece's release mechanism is essential in the event of the frame and the side-piece being "overstretched", and it also allows for designs to be interchanged.

Memory effect

Products made of gloryfy G-Flex and I-Flex always return to their original shape.

CAUTION: Fast, repeated bending of the frames or side-pieces can have a counteractive impact on the memory effect which, in turn, can cause changes to the material’s molecular structure – this may lead to flaws or cracks in the plastic.

Safety Concept: 

gloryfy shades and goggles are completely unbreakable!

100% unbreakable: frame, lens and temples

100% UVA/B-protection

100% optical quality

100% memory effect

Sportsmen and women set high standards for themselves. They need to perform at their personal best, even if only for a short time, and they subject their bodies to extraordinary conditions. In many sports, the human eye is exposed to extreme situations.

They have to respond and react in fractions of a second. If you need to protect your eyes from external influences like draughts, dirt, flying particles or even balls and the like, you really have to pay attention when choosing your sports glasses. Poorer quality glasses can even break in certain circumstances (the frame or the lens), causing permanent damage to your eyes.

gloryfy sunglasses are also available with optical correction.